Echotape was formed in late 2010 by a group of like-minded guys from the music scene in a small, off-the-map town in the South of England. Believing in an honest and passionate approach, the group isolated themselves and began to write songs that reflected their convictions.

In the spring of 2011, one of their early demos found its way into the hands of Killing Joke bassist and legendary producer Youth (Dido, The Verve, Futureheads and one-half of The Fireman along with Paul McCartney). On their third meeting, Youth declared that he wanted to record Echotape’s debut album. With no label or media yet aware of the act’s existence, Youth asked the band to decamp to his studio in the hills outside Grenada, Spain. There, in a week, they laid down 17 tunes under Youth’s direction, recording everything live, with very little separate tracking, sometimes finishing three songs a day. Echotape’s first commercial release, a four-song EP entitled Sky Above Quarley Hill, was born. While still relatively unknown, their debut single ‘Unstable’ went on to chart in the US college radio top 200. In April of this year and the lads released their debut album. Collective. Which was picked up by radio stations in the US, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Peru and many more including the UK. This came after performances in Hollywood, a headline UK and Ireland tour including a sold-out show at The Barfly in London, a stadium support tour with Russian super-group Mumiy Troll as well as Echotape’s video for ‘Spinning’ being featured in London’s Tate Gallery.

Echotape released their AA singles ‘Pushing Your Faith/The Weak’ from their Hexology series in November 2013, which were featured in Sky News’ report and interview with Echotape on the DIY ethic amongst new artists. The tracks have again received global radio play and support from BBC Introducing.

Fast-forward to March 2014 and Echotape have just announced the release of their brand new single “We Should Feel Like We Are In Love” in the UK, via Believe Digital and Amalgamated Sonic Industries. The track has received critical acclaim and has been trending on Soundcloud approaching 50,000 plays in the four weeks since it was uploaded. The four-piece band are also set for a large UK and Ireland tour this spring to promote the single in addition to many festival appearances, kicking off with The Great Escape Festival in Brighton in May.

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The Libertines on Echotape (via their official Twitter account): “That @echotapeuk band favourites one of our messages – listened to their track “All My Days” – not bad, eh.” – see the tweet

Repeat Button on Echotape: “Fag-smoking, beer-swigging, string-strumming, floor-stomping, sweat-mopping, head-banging, , hip-shaking, good time rock n roll!.. the indie track of the year!”

U&I Magazine on Echotape: “This is one of those top drawer songs that sees everything fall into place from the off.”

Rogue Magazine on Echotape: “a pumping, feel-good, indie-rock anthem”