The Mary Hart Attack


Dear friends, family, acquaintances, fellow musicians, and especially music lovers,

The Mary Hart Attack is in deep mourning. On April 23, 2016, we found out that our rehearsal room was robbed. Eighty percent of our instruments and gear were stolen. An extension of our body has been taken from us. The police has been informed immediately, and now you too.


As a band we use the DIY-philosophy (Do It Yourself). The past months we put a lot of time in the making of our first full album. This is something we want to continue.

But sometimes DIY isn’t enough. Now we count on you! Given the situation we are now a DIWYS-band (Do It With Your Support). You can do the following:

1) Inform all your friends about this.

2) We hope to find the material. But we are realistic. It is unlikely that we will recover the stolen material. We are in a very bad financial situation at the moment. We need money. It’s as simple as that. Every contribution is important to us. 5 or 500 euros? You see what you can do. Go to our crowdfunding page and help us out. You get something in return!

3) Keep your eyes open. We have information of the stolen instruments and gear. Click here to view the inventory, serial numbers and photos. If you see our gear on a market or on second hand channels (online and offline) then email all useful information to

Despite everything, we keep our heads up. Even though we feel practically decapitated.

For more information, go to our site.

Thanks for your support,

Kristof, Will and Kris
The Mary Hart Attack

Press kit

TMHA arose in 2013 from the recording of the credit roll track of the documentary ‘Cells’ (Wil Mathijs).After the studio recording the trio decided to continue working together.The band name refers to a psychological condition that 80s TV babe Mary Hart induces in susceptible viewers.

TMHA basically is a modern day post-punk band with leanings towards shoegaze, indie and new wave.The EP ‘A Dark Green Light’ is their first exploit. It came out on limited cassette on ‘Oddie Records’.

Band members:
Kristof Souvagie – Guitar, Vocals
Wil Mathijs – Bass
Kris Vlaeminck – Drums

Merchants Of Air about The Mary Hart Attack at Incubate: “These young Belgians played their songs with a lot of energy and a lot of intensity, in almost pitch blackness. Great set.” – Read the full review